• 2009-12-19

    Linfen Internet Application Impec Workgroup (LIAIW) - [关于]


    Website: http://liaiw.blogbus.com/
    Established in 2007 by ooof and linfen123.
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    The formation and development of LIAIW was, to a large extent, inspired by the China Blog Conference .  Although it is possible that LIAIW or some similar sort of organization would still have been founded without CBC’s influence, it is hard to imagine that one established on such a basis would have the same development, direction, and path as the current LIAIW. 

    Since its founding, LIAIW has been setting up a communication mechanism for Linfen’s internet-related groups such as website designers, managers and programmers, bloggers, educators, government IT staff, and media personnel through QQ groups, mail groups, social network services (SNS), etc.  By way of internet usage conferences, LIAIW also promotes dialogue, communication and cooperation among these groups, to reach a greater audience for broader purposes.  

    With the increase of attention given to the Web 2.0 movement, LIAIW has gradually shifted its work to focus on increasing the learning, awareness, and practical applications of Web 2.0 technologies. Some such projects include helping people use SNS category applications, which allow for increased online networking among friends and business contacts.  Another project involves teaching people how to utilize tools (like Twitter and Zuosa) that allow users to post real-time status updates.  Other projects involve hosting  the Linfen chapter CBC, offering support for Inquiline Plan and Helping Elephants Live Project, participating in the drafting of the Canton educational policies, NGO 2.0 training, and participating and developing the Linfen Parents’ Education Alliance. 

    In September of 2009, LIAIW adjusted its new goals to “Linfen 2.0.”  LIAIW plans to combine our existing resources to help more people understand how to effectively use Web 2.0 tools and establish more local aggregational applications of the technology, thereby improving and strengthening the information technology management of Linfen and promoting the formation of a more inspired Linfen.

    感谢 MIT 丁怡文 ( Margaret Ding ) 同学翻译、张锦老师审阅、王瑾老师协调,也感谢 POPOEVER 同学的微建议。